Frequently Asked Questions

We're always getting a variety of questions from our customers.

Here are some answers to those that are most frequently asked.

If you have a question that's not answered here, feel free to Contact Us.

Yes, we do. Although only for orders of $1000 USD or more. For orders under $1000 USD, we can accept a 25% down payment with the balance due within 30 days.

Check out our Payment Plans page for more details.

Our asking price may or may not be the lowest we'll be willing to go, depending on the snake in question. Use our asking price as a starting point and feel free to make us an offer. The worst we'll do is say no.

We are more willing to give discounts on orders of multiple animals than we are single animals. So keep that in mind.

We understand the desire to check out our collection. We enjoy seeing other people's collections as well. However, our facility is not open to the public. Thank you for understanding.

We offer free local pickup to the Wilmington, NC area. For first time customers, the order must be paid in full prior to meeting.

If you don't see it listed on our Available page or our Incubator page, then odds are, we don't have it.

However, feel free to Contact Us asking about any snake you'd like. Even if we don't have it, perhaps we know someone who does!

Yes, we can, for those countries where it's legal to do so. We can ship to Puerto Rico with no problem (and a little added expense). Countries that require CITES will require that we use a 3rd party shipper. Contact Us for details.

We try to start all our babies off on live rat fuzzies. We only resort to mice for those extremely picky babies and we try to convert them to rats as soon as possible.

Our juvenile and adult snakes all get fed live rats, appropriately sized.

We do not have a supply of frozen rodents available, as we only feed live. However, our past customers have had little problem converting their new babies to eating frozen/thawed.

We do recommend having a live rodent supplier, just in case your baby refuses to eat frozen/thawed. While rare, it does happen.