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2013 Clutch #17  
Date Laid: November 1st, 2013
Female:Pastel het Genetic Stripe
Sires:GHI, Genetic Stripe Pastel
Eggs:10 eggs
Hatched:December 23rd, 2013

Preview:   Another double digit clutch! This could produce super pastel genetic stripes or pastel GHI possible het genetic stripes. Definitely not a bad way to end the 2013 season!

Results:   2.0 GHI, 1.1 Pastel, 1.1 Normal.

A slightly anti-climactic ending to the 2013 breeding season. It's too bad I didn't get any pastel GHIs in this clutch, but considering 4 eggs went bad during incubation, I'm not going to complain.

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2013 Clutch #16  
Date Laid: October 16th, 2013
Sires:Orange Dream, Phantom, GHI
Eggs:6 eggs and 1 slug
Hatched:December 10th, 2013

Preview:   A real "who's your daddy" clutch. The most recent lock was with the GHI, so that's who I'm hoping sires this clutch. But with all the cool spotnose stuff coming out lately, I'll be pleased to hit on any spotnose combos!

Results:   1.0 GHI Spotnose, 0.1 GHI, 0.1 Normal.

I hit the GHI Spotnose, which is what I was hoping to hit! To top it off, he's a boy too! Even though three of the eggs were infertile, I'm still happy with this clutch!

2013 Clutch #15  
Date Laid: September 23rd, 2013
Eggs:0 eggs and 7 slugs
Hatched:September 23rd, 2013

Preview:   Slugged out. Slugs are always disappointing. Especially so when there are no good eggs at all.

2013 Clutch #14  
Date Laid: September 12th, 2013
Female:Black Pewter
Sires:GHI, Spark
Eggs:6 eggs
Hatched:November 5th, 2013

Preview:   I threw a whole lot of males in there with this girl. I only witnessed locks with the spark and the GHI though. Hoping for some black pewter GHIs!

Results:   1.1 GHI Black Pewters, 0.1 Pastel GHI, 1.2 GHI.

Tremendous odds in this clutch! 6 GHIs and combos out of 6 eggs! This certainly makes up for the other clutches where I missed GHIs completely. The GHI black pewters are amazing and one of the female GHIs shows both GHI and black pastel patterns, so she will be staying here.

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2013 Clutch #13  
Date Laid: August 12th, 2013
Sire:Coral Glow
Eggs:5 eggs
Hatched:October 4th, 2013

Preview:   Pet Project 2013! Hoping for a coral glow bumble bee out of this clutch! She has laid a total of 5 eggs, but one was a straggler, so it might not make it.

Results:   Two of the eggs didn't make it all the way through incubation. We have 2.0 spider coral glows and 1.0 pastel coral glow!

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2013 Clutch #12  
Date Laid: August 2nd, 2013
Female:Top Secret
Sire:Top Secret
Eggs:5 eggs
Hatched:September 27th, 2013

Preview:   This clutch is top secret. No details are being revealed at this time.

Results:   Classified

2013 Clutch #11  
Date Laid: July 18th, 2013
Sires:GHI, Phantom
Eggs:7 eggs and 1 slug
Hatched:September 10th, 2013

Preview:   Another chance at GHIs this season. I missed completely on the last chance, but the male was a bit older when locking with this female.

Results:   3.0 Pastel Phantoms, 2.0 Phantoms, 0.1 Pastel, 0.1 Normal.

Missed on the GHIs again with this clutch. A nice ratio of phantoms in this clutch, but unfortunately they are all male.

2013 Clutch #10  
Date Laid: June 9th, 2013
Sire:Orange Dream
Eggs:10 eggs
Hatched:August 1st, 2013

Preview:   Double digits! A nice big clutch of 10 eggs here. I shouldn't have any problems getting a group of orange dream het pieds from this clutch. I can't wait to produce some orange dream and super orange dream pieds in the coming seasons!

Results:   1.5 Orange Dream het Pied, 2.2 het Pied.

The sole male orange dream in this clutch is a runt. Hopefully he will eat well and grow quickly!

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2013 Clutch #9  
Date Laid: May 27th, 2013
Female:het Piebald
Sire:Pumpkin Pied
Eggs:5 eggs
Hatched:July 13th, 2013

Preview:   I wasn't sure that this female was going to go, as she laid over 6 months after her last lock. The yb pied male stopped breeding and I didn't want to put a non-pied male with her. Glad I didn't! Hoping for some yb pieds in this clutch.

Results:   5 Dead Eggs.

All five eggs went bad. One egg lasted until day 47, but ultimately died. I cut that one open and it looks like it was a yellow belly piebald.

2013 Clutch #8  
Date Laid: May 25th, 2013
Sire:Orange Dream
Eggs:8 eggs
Hatched:July 18th, 2013

Preview:   My OD male is one of the nicest I've ever seen. I can't wait to see what comes out of this pairing.

Results:   3.2 Pastel Orange Dreams, 1.1 Orange Dreams, 0.1 Normal.

I'm not 100% sure on two of the Pastel Orange Dreams just yet. I'll be more sure once they've gained some size.

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2013 Clutch #7  
Date Laid: May 19th, 2013
Sire:Pumpkin Pied
Eggs:7 eggs
Hatched:July 12th, 2013

Preview:   The first step in the yellow belly candy piebald project. A good solid start with 7 eggs. Hoping for a good sex ratio and a few yellow bellies!

Results:   2.2 Yellow Bellies, 2.1 Normals - all double het candy pied.

I would've preferred one less male, but I can't complain about three girls. Now I have an excruciating 2-3 year wait before I have a chance at yellow belly candy pieds.

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2013 Clutch #6  
Date Laid: May 18th, 2013
Sire:Coral Glow
Eggs:4 eggs and 4 slugs
Hatched:July 10th, 2013

Preview:   4 slugs? Ouch. That hurts. Hoping the four good eggs have coral glows in them!

Results:   2.1 Coral Glows, 0.1 Normal.

The odds were kind to us in this clutch. Three coral glows out of four eggs. My male maker gave me his first female (happens 5-10% of the time).

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2013 Clutch #5  
Date Laid: May 9th, 2013
Eggs:8 eggs
Hatched:July 3rd, 2013

Preview:   Hoping for a handful of cougars (spider sparks) in this clutch!

Results:   1.2 Spiders, 2.1 Sparks, 0.2 Normals.

One of the female spiders could potentially be a cougar. It's hard to tell, but she definitely looks different.

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2013 Clutch #4  
Date Laid: May 6th, 2013
Female:Yellow Belly
Sires:Spark, GHI
Eggs:6 eggs
Hatched:June 28th, 2013

Preview:   One lock with the spark followed by two locks with the ghi. Can't wait to see what comes out of this clutch!

Results:   0.2 Twin Pumas, 1.4 Normals.

It looks like the spark got this clutch. Not happy at all about all the normals, but the twin pumas are pretty cool.

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2013 Clutch #3  
Date Laid: April 18th, 2013
Female:Yellow Belly
Sires:Coral Glow, Spark
Eggs:6 eggs
Hatched:June 10th, 2013

Preview:   My first real chance at coral glows this season! This girl has been picky. She didn't show any interest at all in any male last year. I finally got her to lock with the spark this year, then the coral glow. Pumas or yellow belly coral glows! I'll be happy with either!

Results:   1.0 Coral Glow Yellow Belly, 1.0 Coral Glow (poss yellow belly), 0.1 Yellow Belly, 2.0 Normal.

One of the 6 laid eggs went bad, but after nearly two years, we finally have coral glow babies! I can't believe how gorgeous these babies look.

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2013 Clutch #2  
Date Laid: March 20th, 2013
Female:Yellow Belly
Eggs:5 eggs
Hatched:May 13th, 2013

Preview:   This is the same female yellowbelly that was paired with the spark last year. I didn't get any pumas last year, so here's hoping this year will give me better odds!

Results:   1.1 Pumas, 0.2 Sparks and 1.0 Normal.

Pumas! Finally! They are even better than I expected. Not only are they beautiful, but they are breeding powerhouses. Very happy with the outcome of this clutch!

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2013 Clutch #1  
Date Laid: March 10th, 2013
Sire:Champagne Pastel
Eggs:5 eggs and 2 slugs
Hatched:May 3rd, 2013

Preview:   First clutch of the season! The only locks I witnessed were with the pastel champagne, so that's who I'm assuming the sire is. Guess we'll find out soon!

Results:   2.1 Pastel Champagnes, 0.2 Champagnes.

Unbelievable odds on this one! No normals or pastels in sight! I'm really liking that dark champagne too. This is a great start to the season. Hopefully I keep hitting the odds like this.

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