Payment Plans

We offer payment plans on purchases of $1,000 USD or more. For amounts below that, we can accept a 25% down payment to hold the animal for you with the balance due within 30 days.

Our typical plan consists of 25% down, followed by 3 equal monthly payments to complete the balance owed. We do not offer refunds on the down payment, nor on the payments made along the way. If you change your mind about the purchase, the amount you have paid can be transferred to a different animal, but it cannot be refunded.

A sample payment plan on a $1000 animal would be $250 down on the 16th of the month. On the 16th of the following month, another $250 or more will need to be paid. The 16th of the next two months will be the payment deadlines for the remaining two payments.

If a payment is more than two weeks late, the animal may be put back up on the market at our discretion. This will forfeit your hold on the animal and your payments to date can be applied to a different animal if it is sold.

If you know you will miss a payment deadline, you must inform us immediately. We will work with you when dealing with unexpected circumstances as best we can, but we must be notified immediately.

Your animal will be housed and fed for you here while payments are being made. Once payment has been completed, we will ship your animal at the earliest convenience, weather permitting.

In the event of illness or death of the animal you are paying for, your full payment amount and deposit will be refunded immediately, or, at your discretion, the amount paid to date can be applied to another animal.

We retain the right to fully refund and cancel any payment plan at any time. This is unlikely to occur and will only happen if we feel the life of the animal is at risk.

Customized payment plans may be available, so please contact us to discuss this if your situation warrants it.